The Last Diet Book Youll Ever Need!: A common sense path to healthy weight loss.

By F.W. Shannon

After over three decades in the field of Health Physics and countless battles with dieting trends and fad pills, exercise machines and ridiculous workout gimmicks, I finally decided it was time to sift through it all and get to the actual science of weight loss and narrow it all down to a reasonable number of things that actually work. Bear in mind that I don’t expect you to do all of the things I’ve amassed in this publication. That would be insane and probably detrimental to your health. Anything taken to that extreme just couldn’t be good for you. The object is to explore the things I’ve found for you and adopt whichever ones work best for you in your quest to meet your weight loss goals. At the end of the book, you’ll see my money back guarantee. It’s not a sales gimmick. This is a five dollar book. Call it a nudge in the right direction, just in case you needed one.