Homemade Lotion Essentials: The All-Natural DIY Guide to Making Skin-Nourishing Body Lotion

By Sandi Lane

The all-natural DIY guide to making skin-nourishing body lotion! You need a lotion to soothe, soften, or moisturize your skin, something that does not contain ingredients which will harm you skin in any way. This is true whether you live in a harsh winter climate or in a hot climate which dries your skin. If you purchase a commercial lotion, it can negatively impact your skin, regardless of its promises. Dont let televisions beauty advertisements influence your decision, but instead find a great alternative. The perfect solution is a homemade lotion that has all the benefits you wish to have for your skin, and none of the negative aspects. Here is a preview of what youll learn: Why start making your own lotion? A plan of attack Factors to consider The all-essential recipes Benefits and drawbacks of DIY lotions Correcting common misconceptions Much, much more!