Chatting with 100: Because the most effective public speaking is like chatting with a friend over coffee

By Blaise Forêt

Are you a born public speaker? If not, welcome to the club. Just like any other skill, communicating effectively takes purposeful practice. Whether you want to speak effectively to one person or 100 people, you need skills to help you communicate your thoughts and persuade others with confidence, tact, and authenticity. In this book Blaise will help you find your message and learn to share it with conviction and clarity. You will gain helpful tips and tricks to use in the midst of your talk. You will also be given a step by step break down and outline for your speech preparation. Whether you are a first time communicator or a professional speaker, this book will have something revolutionary to add to your arsenal that will take you to the next level in your public presentation skills as well as your interpersonal communication abilities.