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Paleo Diet: The "No Diet" Diet

By Kelly B Greene

Transform your life and the way you live it. Get rid of excess body fat, raise energy levels and stay healthy for the rest of your life by adopting the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet isn’t one of those fad diets which seem to appear and disappear with a monotonous regularity. It is something which is tens of thousands of years old, dating back to a time when humans lived a ‘hunter gatherer’ lifestyle. And now, with this new book, you can replicate that lifestyle for yourself and find a way to a healthier, better life. The Paleo Diet will teach you • What it’s all about • The benefits • Cooking • Exercise • Managing the Paleo diet • Recipes • Types of food to eat The Paleo Diet concentrates on foods which would have been available to early humans. Things like seafood, fruits and nuts and lean meat feature prominently. Your life won’t change overnight and this isn’t a diet which you do for a short period to lose a bit of excess weight. This is a gradual and long-term adaptation to a new way of thinking and eating, which is designed to be life changing. See for yourself the effects the Paleo Diet can have on your health and life. Pick Up Your Copy Today!

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