Livro Book

Aligned: Volume 3

By Ella Miles

Hes alive.I dont know how, but hes standing here in the doorway. A torn piece of green silk sticking out of his pocket matching the fabric that I carry with me everywhere to remember him.My heart has been torn in two.I dont know who Im supposed to love. A man that has stolen my heart or my husband who I thought was dead.– –Hes fucking alive.That cant be possible. I found someone I could finally love. Someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.But I cant love Alex.Not now. I have to let her go. Its the only way I can save her. I just hope Im strong enough to save myself.Warning: Four book series + bonus novella. Ends on a cliffhanger. Contains hot sex scenes, strong female, and dark pasts that turn darker as the series continues. Only for those that love dirty romances, edge of your seat suspense, twists, and a little bit of darkness. 

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