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In My Fathers Words: The World War II Letters of an Army Doctor

By Laura Cantor Zelman

World War II changed the world on a global scale. But it also changed the life of every individual who took part in it. Dated from 1941 to 1945, this collection of over five hundred letters details the daily life of a Jewish American, fluent in German, who served as a doctor in the US Army. These letters are a time capsule of the time Milton Cantor, MD, spent in Central America and Europe serving his country. They shed light on the conditions of soldiers’ medical care at the time, the small joys that brought hope to those away from home, and the unabashed patriotism of a doctor doing his part to make sure America remained the land of the free. As Cantor writes home to his wife, he shares his thoughts on censorship, the Nazis, the German POWs, and the army. As time passes, he also discovers the true meaning of family—a wisdom that would lead him to become a better father and husband on his return. Insightful, uncensored, and illuminating, these letters are a testament to the work of army doctors in any war and the invaluable record of a specific and extraordinary time in history.

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