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Bald n Dashing!: Hair Loss by Chance, Bald by Choice!

By Cameron M. Clark

You didn’t choose to lose your hair. And yet, there is a barrage of media messages that are coming at you every day trying to make you feel ashamed with this development. These commercials and Internet ads use balding, usually pudgy middle-aged men who look into a mirror obsessively to convey the shame you should be feeling about your hair loss. Well, enough is enough! Enter ‘Bald n Dashing: Hair Loss by Chance, Bald by Choice!’ By taking an hour to read this book, you may save yourself thousands of dollars and years of regret, embarrassment and frustration over adopting certain hair regrowth methods or hair restoration procedures that will just lead to more sadness and disappointment. It is time to no longer feel shame about going bald. It’s time to get over the ‘bummer of hair loss.’ After completing three books in The Great Big Quote Books series, author Cameron M. Clark thought there were too many books and Internet articles conveying a tone that baldness should be avoided at all costs or at best, if you do go bald, you should try to learn to cope with the new problem of hair loss. That’s why he wrote ‘Bald n Dashing!’ Losing your hair isn’t a problem. Its a blessing. Being Bald n Dashing is about taking a kick butt approach to your life and your relationships and saying, ‘yeah, I’m losing my hair. So what? You got a problem with that? Well, stop wasting my time!’ Join Clark as he explores the ‘7 Benefits of Baldness,’ ‘8 Things to Avoid as a Bald Man,’ ’18 Actions to Take as a Bald Man’ and so much more! Filled with photos of successful entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs and more who have chosen to become bald by choice, the author explores their lives and recounts his own experience with hair loss and the eventual decision to become bald by choice. You may not have had a choice in losing your hair, but you do have a choice in living a more satisfying and happy life. Choose to be Bald by Choice! Choose to be Bald n Dashing!

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