Livro Book

OldGrowth (TimberBeast Saga) (Volume 3)

By Jae Hall

Lies, betrayal, and the Timberbeast. “You’re in my forest now.” Kelsy Bowen dreams of going home to Los Angeles, but spying in the woods is never predictable or safe, even when your friends are larger than life loggers. The closer Kelsy gets to Jack, the closer she gets to the TimberBeast, and the more dangerous her mission becomes. Then a confrontation with eco-terrorists changes everything. When tragedy strikes and secrets are revealed, even Jack can’t guarantee she will get out of the forest alive. Kelsy sees new dimensions to the man she is drawn to, but their future together is in jeopardy. She finds herself in a tangle of hope, danger, possibilities and decisions, and she isn’t ready to accept the truth that has been right in front of her eyes. Will she compromise her mission, her friends, and her heart, to expose the TimberBeast? Can she change her fate, or is she destined to repeat history, and destroy her future, to save the one she truly loves?

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