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Wonderful Without Religion: Creating a Divine Secular Life for You, Your Family, and the Whole Wide World

By Mary Morse

Reason is on the rise. The world of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and others is growing fast. With optimism and insight, Wonderful Without Religion removes the stigma from secularism and portrays a heavenly future, inspired by logic and rich with family, friends, meaning, and morality.Discover sensational strategies you can use to break out of the faith closet, raise happy and healthy nonreligious kids, and create meaningful celebrations to mark life’s important events. Learn how modern nonbelievers manifest morality, build supportive communities, and lead the way to peaceful societies.The book acknowledges what’s good about faith and suggests ways to sustain these positive elements in a sane and secular future.Believers and nonbelievers, the faithful and faith-free alike will learn from, laugh with, and love this book.Wonderful Without Religion includes an engaging and provocative book club discussion guide.

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