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The Sugar-Free Healthy Smoothie Recipe Book: Sip Yourself Slim: Smoothies for Weight Loss (Volume 1)

By Jenny Kellett

Are you looking for a healthy smoothie recipe book that isnt packed full of sugar and expensive ingredients that are impossible to get your hands on? The Sugar-Free Healthy Smoothie Recipe Book was created for you! Enjoy these simple healthy smoothie recipes that are made only from ingredients you can easily get from your local supermarket and wont cost you a fortune. Healthy Smoothie Recipes All smoothies are not created equal! If you get your daily smoothie rush from your local ice cream shop or restaurant chain, then chances are you aren’t drinking anything much healthier than a soda or ice cream. In fact, most of the smoothies sold in restaurants and fast food chains are loaded with more calories than a greasy burger – and sadly, you thought you were making a healthier choice. With all the added sherbets, preservatives, and sweeteners what you end up with is a lethal cocktail of liquid candy. Smoothies really are the easiest and sweetest way to finally lose that stubborn extra weight. But there’s a catch, you need to make the smoothies yourself from clean, healthy, natural and wholesome ingredients. We all know that fruits and veggies are essential to our health but for some of us eating steamed broccoli and kale can be quite a challenge. Well, good news! Not anymore! Smoothies are a great way of getting pure nutrition from fruits and veggies. The delicious recipes in The Smoothie Recipe Book are made from 100 percent natural ingredients with fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and all other essential minerals and nutrients. It’s important to note that if you want to sip your way to slimness, you need to make 360 degree change on your current lifestyle. Drinking smoothies and also eating highly processed foods and not exercising won’t do much to aid your weight loss goals. Start changing your eating habits a little a time with the ultimate goal of ditching all processed foods and instead, embracing healthy and natural options that will provide your body with high quality nutrition. We have the most delicious all-natural smoothie recipes that are going to leave you fully satisfied and revitalized and this time, you are going to enjoy taking in your fruits and veggies. And the best part is that absolutely no cooking is required. So, get set, it’s time to sip yourself slim! Enjoy!

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