Livro Book

Teachers Pet

By Aiden Bates

Zack is the only omega in his year at college. This doesn’t surprise him. Traditionally, omegas stay at home, preferably in the bedroom. Zack rejected that life and the alpha his parents chose for him when he got a full scholarship to college. He’s got a plan. He’s going to become a lawyer and fight for omegas’rights. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have desires and needs, and that scholarship doesn’t cover as much as people think. He makes money dancing at the Den of Sin, like more than a few of his fellow students. His life changes forever when he walks into class and finds one of the club’s alpha patrons is his professor. Wyatt is a well-respected professor and an expert in his field. He’s also a very traditional alpha and he doesn’t approve at all of having omegas in college. He can’t deny his attraction to the sweet-scented omega sitting in the middle of his class, though. When ignoring Zack doesn’t solve his problem, he makes a suggestion that he thinks will solve both of their problems. This solution only exacerbates their problems as they both wind up wanting more from each other than their agreement allowed. When the alpha who wanted to claim Zack shows up on the scene and threatens to destroy both of their careers, Zack and Wyatt must decide what is important to both of them.

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