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Camping and Woodcraft: For vacation campers and for travelers in the Wilderness (Volume 2)

By Horace Kephart

Finally published in 1917 and coming in at over 450 pages long, Horace Kepharts Camping and Woodcraft Volume II – Woodcraft is the original “Bushcraft” book. Written as it was during the first decades of the 20th Century, it captures and distills Indian lore, knowledge of the pioneers and mountain men and provides a clear link to the American West. This volume is packed with details on primitive skills, edible plants, navigation, minimalist backpacking, wilderness survival and what we would call today bushcraft. Although Kephart had previously published The Book of Camping and Woodcraft in 1906, a decade later, in 1916, he released a much revised and expanded edition. This edition is so extensive that we have had to split it into two separate volumes for easy reading. This volume is an exact replica of the original. Page layout, numbering, table of contents, illustrations and index are identical to the definitive 1917 edition. If youre seeking to get back to basics and learn self-reliance in the outdoors, Horace Kephart is a wonderful teacher. His no-nonsense writing style means that Volume II – Woodcraft is packed to the gunwales with useful, easily understood outdoors wisdom. The interior of this new edition from Ropesend Creek Press is a perfect replica of the original. Page numbering, illustrations, layout, table of contents, index and any footnotes are exactly as they appeared when the original book was published. With this new edition, the book is ready for a new lease of life through a modern readership.

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