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The Undrafted: HIStory: An Athletes Journey Through Athletics and Life After

By Timothy Felton

Timothy Felton, a former defensive back, takes you through a journey and life of an athlete who overcomes many obstacles such as: near death moments, drug dealers, injuries, tragedies, and the academic storm that almost cost him his eligibility and dream of playing football on a higher level. Many see your glory, but fail to learn your story. The Undrafted book, tells the story of his twelve-year football career. He went from a low ACT score to doing much more in life. The objective of The Undrafted is to help student-athletes maintain a balance between academics, athletics, and life after. His mission in writing the book is to show people that trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, following their passions and purpose can shift them from tragedy to a triumphant life. Author Timothy Felton would like to remind all that, “There is a book in everyone.” From faith to faith and glory to glory, this is HIStory.

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