Livro Book

Sweet Seduction

By M Andrews

My name is Lexi Bennett and I have a new obsession. Ive spent my life consumed with being the good daughter, the straight A student, the loyal friend, and with the dream of being the youngest chef to own her own restaurant in the country. I’ve worked my ass off to get everything I ever wanted, so why am I willing to throw it all away for a man I spent one hot night with? Jax, the lead singer of Waking the Fallen, is tattooed sex on two legs and everything my mother warned me about. Which is why that night, at the Blue Whiskey Club, I should have listened to my head and steered clear of Jax. But the mix of whiskey with his dark gruff voice and those fucking dimples, the dimples that erupted on his cheeks every time he smiled down at me from the stage, made me lose my mind and drop my panties. It wasnt just my panties that dropped that night, he blew down all my walls and made me see there was more to life than working.