Livro Book

save money stay thin

By dame DJ

Why do people on low-incomes eat crap? Why? They dont have to We keep hearing the same story; that the low-income homes are more exposed to illness, likely to get fat, high colesterol, die early, have sick kids and end up costing the health system millions? Why is that? After spending 15 years shopping in the local markets, buying little vegan food at the big supermarkets, saving an absolute fortune and feasted on fresh wonderful vegetatrian produce, in plentiful amounts its all about smart eating. What is the problem??? I just don’t see it. This book describes; • How to shop • What to pay • How to make decent meals for a family • Wheat free recipes • low-carbohydrate diet and thinking outside the box • Eating seasonally and gluten free • Juicing • How to avoid the cheap crap that is poisoning us all If you are income-disadvantaged thing smart! Eat smart! Buy smart! Prevent illness, prevent sickness, wake up, start peeling, start chopping and think and calculate because the way this country is going ending up in a hospital could kill you! Think before you eat.