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The Sacred Art of Eating: healing our relationship with food

By Lisa Tremont Ota

How did we evolve into a nation obsessed with fad diets? And how is it possible that so many people are starving when the planet produces enough for everyone? Our approach to food seems topsy-turvy. Certainly, this is not what nature intended! Questions such as these kick-started author Lisa Tremont Otas personal and professional exploration of the unbreakable links between food and spirituality. Now, after almost thirty years of academic study and work helping the public understand its dynamic relationship with food, shes igniting a food-centric eco-revolution with The Sacred Art of Eating. Serving up a menu of grounded, practical guidelines along with expansive ideas on what it means to eat, this transformative book offers invigorating new perspectives on health and well-being and reframes the discussion about sustainable living. By taking you on an imaginative journey through planning, preparing, enjoying, and cleaning up after a dinner gathering, The Sacred Art of Eating presents a pathway toward wholesome living that stimulates the senses and nourishes spiritual connection. From better health and vitality to improving your impact on the environment, this book puts it all on the table like never before.

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