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The Microbiome Cookbook: 150 Delicious Recipes to Nourish your Microbiome and Restore your Gut Health

By Pamela Ellgen

THE REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH THAT FIXES YOUR DIGESTION BY UNLEASHING NATURES TINY BUT POWERFUL ORGANISMThe gastrointestinal microbiota comprises hundreds of trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungal organisms that inhabit your intestines and live symbiotically with you. When the microbiome is disrupted, a cascade of complications can ensue, including allergies and food sensitivities, mental health problems, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune diseases.The Microbiome Cookbook provides you with the information and recipes to support a flourishing gut population. Follow the program in this book and you will gain the many benefits of having a healthy microbiome to naturally:• Improve digestion• Neutralize toxins• Quell inflammation• Support immunity• Boost metabolism

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