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Alkaline Diet: Balance your Bodys pH and Maximize your Health with Alkaline Foods

By Michael K. Jensen

Alkaline Diet This book is your first step into making a lifelong commitment towards becoming a healthier person. As with any new idea or challenge you put yourself in, it takes a certain level of commitment and time to get used to this whole new idea. However, once you experience the results, it will be well worth it! Recent research shows that eating too many acidic foods can potentially damage your bodily functions such as your kidney and liver and it can also raise the risk of diabetes but you can reverse this damage through an alkaline diet. This book will help you every step of the way to make a healthier start to an alkaline diet. By following an alkaline diet plan, you will naturally help your body in shifting its pH levels, and at the same time oxygenating your body. You will also learn how alkaline foods can keep your body healthy and functioning correctly. You will also learn how alkaline diets can combat common ailments and diseases. In this book you will learn: All about the Alkaline Diet. How it works, what do you need to do, what you can eat and what you cannot. A list of food items to make your weekly meal plans easier and faster You’ll also find easy to do recipes, juices and smoothies that take a few minutes of your time You will also learn how to negate acid’s negative effects on your body by balancing your diet and eating foods that promote alkaline production throughout the body’s environment. With one click you can be on your way to better health! Download your copy today!

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