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Basic Mechanics Experiment Course(Chinese Edition)


Paperback. Pub Date: 2016-06-01 Pages: 80 Language: Chinese Publisher: Huazhong University Press Basic Mechanics Experiment Course is divided into three chapters. including engineering mechanics experiment. experimental fluid mechanics. mechanics of materials experiment. Basic Mechanics Experiment Course can be used as institutions of higher education in civil engineering. mechanical engineering and other related materials are also available for building systems engineering construction. testing and supervision of professional and technical personnel to learn reference. Contents: Chapter 1 Engineering Mechanics Experiment (1) 1.1 Tensile test (1) 1.2 reverse experiment (8) 1.3 Beam bending normal stress test (15) Chapter 2 Experimental Fluid Mechanics (18) 2.1 hydrostatic test (18 ) 2.2 incompressible fluid energy equation experiment a constant total flow (21) 2.3 local head…

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