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TIME-LIFE Civil War: On the Front Lines: From Fort Sumter to Appomattox

By The Editors of Time-Life

North vs. South. Brother against brother. The War of Northern Aggression. The Civil War, over 150 years in our nation’s past, still weighs upon American culture and politics to this day. Now, in an all–new special edition, TIME LIFE brings readers a thorough overview of what remains the largest, longest and most bloody war set on American soil in The Civil War, On the Front Lines: From Fort Sumter to Appomattox.Written in the trademark style of TIME-LIFE that marries compelling photography and illustration to thoughtful yet accessible text and graphics, The Civil War, On the Front Lines covers every facet of the war from the political and cultural divides that sparked the war, to life on the front lines for soldiers, slavery, and the war at home, to a country, once again united and transformed. Whether you’re a Civil War buff or just in search of a little more information, The Civil War, On the Front Lines will bring you a thorough overview of the war that has continued to affect America.Please note that this product is an authorized edition published by Time Inc. and sold by Amazon. This edition is printed using a high quality matte interior paper and printed on demand for immediate fulfillment.

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