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We Laughed til We Cried: Living, Loving and Laughing with ALS

By Lynda Strahorn

No one thought anything about the limp that Don Strahorn began to walk with in the Spring of 2006. But as the months passed and the limp got worse, it became clear something was going on. At the beginning of 2007, the Strahorn family got news that would change them forever; Don had ALS-a disease with no cure. We Laughed til We Cried is the story of the seven years following Dons diagnosis, told by his wife, Lynda Strahorn. This isnt your regular diagnosis story, however. This memoir-esque account of what may have been a familys darkest times is full of as much laughter as it is tears. It serves as a testament to the way we all have choices to make when we get devastating news. The Strahorn family, although heartbroken, shows us how to make the most out of the hand were dealt. Not only is this an inspirational book for anyone facing similar circumstances, it is also a call for a cure and a handbook for all those who will hear the same words Don Stahorn did in early 2007; “you have ALS.” Author Lynda Strahorn offers insights into the many processes of dealing with ALS, from the slow progression of the disease and what each new stage entails for an ALS patient, to the emotional impact the disease has on the entire family. Lynda also offers some advice that she learned from her own experiences dealing with the disease, and she explains the way faith carried her family through the most difficult time they ever faced. Mostly, Lynda teaches readers how to laugh when they want to cry, to know when it is time to cry, and how to trust in Jesus through it all.

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