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Here Take This and Leave Me Alone: A reluctant love story (Summer Reads) (Volume 2)

By B.L. Wilson

The last name Simmons is a fairly common one, creating confusion in police sergeant Juanita Simmons’ apartment building. When the new neighbor’s mail ends up with Juanita’s, she uses it as an opportunity to meet the gorgeous and shapely Olivia Simmons, an overworked accountant who has recently taken on the added burden of her deceased sister’s three children. Olivia is unimpressed by Juanita, and her rebuffs of Juanita’s attempts at friendship only encourage the irrepressible sergeant to ramp up her efforts, resulting in a confrontation that leads Olivia to file a police report against Juanita. However, when Olivia becomes ill, Juanita steps in, and Olivia begins to slowly let down her guard in this reluctant love story.

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