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I Wish He Had Come with Instructions: The Womans Guide to a Mans Brain

By Mike Bechtle

What Is He Really Thinking? When a woman begins a relationship with a man, she may think shes found her knight in shining armor. As the relationship continues, that armor can begin to feel like a barricade she just cant get past it. Whats he hiding in there, anyway?Relationship and communication expert Mike Bechtle offers women an insiders guide to the puzzling male brain. Simple and practical, this book provides women with a roadmap for better conversations and improved relationships. Bechtle reminds readers that men and women share many similarities, and by embracing those similarities they can better deal with differences. He explains how men think, act, communicate, and grow in relationships, and even offers tips for communicating in a toxic relationship.Wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, friends, and coworkers will find real help within these pages.

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