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Fight Against Prostate Cancer: A Patient Survival Guide

By Dr. Allen C. Huff

Ok, Ill say it. Men are not the best about helping themselves. Being a doctor for 15 years, Im asked at least a couple of times a month: “Hey doc, my prostate is starting to have problems. What can I do?” Most women take notes, ask me to spell what Im talking about, ask for references, will in dubiously ask: “Anything else?” After giving a man two or three simple ideas, I usually get: “Forget it. Itll be fine.” and they go on mostly pretending nothing happened. Its not new, men dont take great care of themselves. While some might misconceive this as man bashing, it isnt. Just a simple Midwestern doctor calling a spade a spade. But in spite of my thought that no man will read this, I wrote it anyway to help you, or perhaps a loving caring spouse, partner, caretaker or friend. A prostrate isnt something to minimize. So let us dig into the research together and find what you can do to change your odds/statistics NOW so that you can fight back against the ubiquitous problem that faces men. Once you have read this book, you will be able to choose at least five things today to help your prostate.

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