Livro Book

Club Ruby Calling

By Simon Bransby

Club Ruby Back cover copy: ” If I told you what I wanted, Id be arrested for obscenity.. theres nothing Id rather do right now than pull your clothes off with my teeth, an inch at time. Id give anything to carry your taste in my mouth for a single day. You say you dont know how you feel, but your body tells me otherwise. Ive heard you say my name in the dark, wrestling with dreams you dont admit to.. Kiss me once and Ill prove youre a liar…” Club Ruby is calling. Can you feel it? ” I shouldnt be here. I shouldnt crave your taste, the smell of your skin in my sheets; I have no choice after what youve done! Every second thought is about you, about us, tied to the moon and the way those hands grasp my soul. Have I ever wanted to be free? Does it matter anymore? I think they know; their eyes question and look away, envious of what they see… The scarlet marks you left with that sweet mouth, I wish I had a thousand more; anything to have you with me again…” You’ve been here before. Do you remember? ” I could never lose you. I knew your name from my first breath in the world, and Ill carry your fingerprints on my heart into the beyond. If Fate should take me from here, I would find my way back a thousand times, in a thousand lives to be with you. I would ride the wind to whisper your name, fall with the crimson leaves to touch your hair, wrap you in silver fog to hold you …” You asked for it, and now it’s here…a collection of the best Club Ruby shorts, as demanded by the fans!