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My Energy Cookbook: 100 delicious and healthy recipes for your daily diet

By Martine Fallon

100 delicious recipes that will help you become beautiful, tall, strong, funny, thin, young, intelligent and audacious (or remain so)!No dieting and no calorie counts! My Energy Cookbook is an original concept, alive and enticing based on natural, light, refined, fast and fused cooking. Give your cells a boost, reinforce your immune system, shed extra pounds and even rimples by using rigorously selected ingredients full of essential nutrients, cooked the right way, in associations chosen to respect your digestion.It’s heaven for our taste buds and for us a source of fabulous driving energy. Beautiful skin, trim waistline, a happy body and balanced moods, all fueled by food prepared with love and respect.Citizens of the world, present forks!In this book, you will discover: • breakfast, dessert and snack recipes• soups• sauces, coulis, mayonnaise and dressings• vegetables as starters or on the side• cereals and legumes• animal proteins as starter or main dish• the perks of the dehydrator• spice mixesABOUT THE AUTHORMARTINE FALLON is a natural nutrition consultant. Buoyed by her enthusiasm and her convictions, she organizes conferences, coaching and team building sessions, cooking classes and tasty detox courses around the world. This new edition of My Energy Cookbook explains how she maintains her surprising vitality

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