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Saints, Stories & Sources: Levi Jackman

By Aspen Grove Books

Levi Jackman (1797-1876) was an early convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having heard the gospel preached in 1831 by Joseph Smith in Ohio. He and his family soon moved to Jackson County, Missouri, and were among the Saints who were attacked and persecuted there for their faith. Levi was a member of the High Council of Zion, one of the Church’s first governing bodies, and helped build the Kirtland and Nauvoo temples. In 1847 he was one of the original pioneers and was a member of the scouting party that blazed the first trail into the Salt Lake Valley on July 23rd, 1847. Levi was again selected as a member of the High Council in Salt Lake City, practiced polygamy in Utah, and lived out the remainder of his life in Utah as a faithful and respected member of the Church. This book is an exhaustive collection of Levi’s own journals and writings, and documents relating to his life. It includes images of original documents, new research relating to Levis life and role in Church history, and never-before-published documents from a variety of historical archives. Included are both of Levis attempts at a personal history: the Short Sketch and the Autobiographical Sketch; both of Levis journals: the Missionary Journal and Pioneer Journal; and more than 70 documents that help to illustrate his life from Levis own personal records, records of his associates, government records, or church records. Where possible, original images of the documents are included. This is the most complete collection of documents ever assembled about Levi Jackman. This volume will be an asset to historians and descendants alike, revealing the true nature of a humble yet stalwart defender of the faith.

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