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Coloring to Relieve Stress: Volume One – Mandalas

By Mrs Poorani Parthib

GET INTO COLORING! Coloring books are no longer just for kids. This book is your portal to relieve stress as the name implies. When you start to color any of these 25 Mandalas you will be taken into a stress free state of mind, while transporting you back to your childhood memories! All the designs are original and will gently pull you into their intricate lines, shapes, and swirls, while allowing you to relieve your stress in the peaceful and tactile act of putting color onto paper. Each of these mandalas is printed on a single side of the page to prevent indentations and ink bleed. Two blank pages are included at the end of the book (for extra protection) for you to remove and place behind the mandala you’re coloring. Coloring to Relieve Stress, Volume One – Mandalas, provides hours of coloring fun, reduce stress and relaxation as well as to explore your creativity. Grab your color pencils, ink pens, and get ready to fill the pages to bring your coloring to next level. While you wait for your coloring book to arrive. . . Visit to learn how you can download 5 free, printable pages to color immediately!

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