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Antebellum Families of Bayou Rouge (175th Anniversary of Bayou Rouge Baptist Church) (Volume 2)

By Randy DeCuir

A short genealogy of the Pre-Civil War families of Bayou Rouge Baptist Church. Published on the 175th Church Anniversary 1841-2016 ALLEN family BENNETT family BETTISON family BRANCH family BROWN family BRUNSON family BUBENZER family BUCK family CAPPEL family CHAMBERLAIN family CHATELAIN family EWELL family FLOURNOY family FRITH family GRAY family HALL family HOLLINSHEAD family HUDSON family IRION family JEANSONNE family KEMPER family KILPATRICK family MARSHALL family MILES family MOUNGER family NORMAND family O’QUINN family PEARCE family QUIRK family TALIAFERO family TANNER family WEST family WHITE family WIER family WRIGHT family

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