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Great Summer Book Series listen to teacher lectures (Mathematics vol) (Second Edition)(Chinese Edition)


Paperback. Pub Date: 2016-06-01 Pages: 230 Language: Chinese Publisher: East China Normal University Press. Listen to lectures. mathematics teacher volume (second edition) system shows Li Lie. Wu Zhengxian. Liu Qin. China should be long. Qiuxue Hua. Huang Aihua. 40 Qiankun Nan and many other pieces of mathematics teachers teaching and teaching art. and collected a large number of front-line mathematics teachers Appreciation. perception. reflection. mathematics teachers to effectively enhance the professional skills. abilities and education classroom teaching art It provides a rich reference. set in one practical and readability. Contents: The first chapter highlights the charm of a beautiful teaching of trap – grade teacher Li Lie. a number divisible by 3 fragment Appreciation Teaching Lesson 3 is intended to stop lingering – grade teacher Huang Aihua. meaning the percentag…

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