Livro Book


By J R Lenk

Being bisexual is cool now-unless youre a boy. Or so it seems to invisible fifteen-year-old Hazard James. But when he falls in with bad apple Jesse Wesley, Hazard is suddenly shoved into the spotlight. Jesse and his friends introduce him to the underworld of teenage life: house parties, hangovers, the advantages of empty homes, and reputation by association. So what if his old friends dont get it? So what if some people love to hate him? Screw gossip and high schools secret rules. Theres just something about walking into a room and having all eyes on him when just last year nobody noticed him at all. For a while Hazard basks in the attention, and before he realizes the depth of the waters hes wading, he and Jesse strike up a “”friends with benefits”” routine. It could be something more, but what self-respecting teenage boy would admit it? Not Jesse-and so not Hazard, either. Not until its too late. Hazard and Jesse have collided, and Hazards life will never be the same.