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Raw Food Diet: The Most Effective and Proven Diet Guide and Cookbook to a Health

By Debra Schmitt

Human beings have been on the planet for a couple of million years, but in that time, it is only in the last few years that we have been cooking. Though cooked food has its benefits, our history with raw foods means that we have been conditioned to eat it, and what a better way to become healthier than to eat as nature intended? The key to the secrets of a healthier, happier lifestyle are within the pages of this book Why Learn About the Raw Food Diet Understand how humans evolved to eat their food Learn about why it is important to eat raw food Gain insight into the benefits of the raw food diet Discover the foods that can be eaten raw Learn about promoters of the Raw Food Diet Learn what you will need to help you adopt the diet Here Is A Preview Of What Youll Learn… The specifics of the Raw Food Diet The importance of eating fresh, raw foods Reasons you should not be intimidated by the diet Different sources for protein other than meat The advantages and disadvantages of cooking The importance of natural enzymes in your food Good sources for vitamins and minerals Foods that can be safely eaten raw The best way to prepare raw foods for beakfast Foods you should avoid when on the diet Much Much More!

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