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Ketogenic Diet: The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook with 100+ Unique Recipes to Heal your Body & Lose Weight (ketogenic diet for beginners, keto diet, … bombs, recipes for weight loss, paleo diet)

By Judith Amaro

Feel Super Healthy and Lose Weight with the Ketogenic Diet 100+ TASTY recipes INCLUDING a 7 Days FULL meal plan for you to start the Keto Diet the right way Judith Ammaro, professional nutritionist for years will help you understand what Ketogenic really is and how can you use it for Weight Loss and live a more energised life. Ketogenic mainly consist in consuming a very low level of carbohydrates so the body starts eliminating the unnecessary fats stoked in your body instead of sugar. This process is known as Ketosis. The Benefits you may ask? Weight LossLess hunger pangsLower Blood PressureLower Levels of CholesterolLower Blood Sugar & Insulin levelesIncrease Level of EnergyLess Joint Pain and StiffnessStabilized Sleeping PatternsIncreased Dopamine and Serotonin levels Here are a few examples of DELICIOUS recipes you will find in this book ! Keto Poppy Seed Lemon MuffinsLow-Carb Keto Pan SandwichKeto Veggie Tikka MasalaBarbecue Style Chicken SoupThai Shrimps CurrySesame Ginger Glazed SalmonChia Almond Butter Bars EVERY SINGLE RECIPE CONTAINS ITS BREAKDOWN OF NUTRIENTS VALUES & CALORIES so you can keep track of everything. Don’t wait up and get your KETOGENIC DIET COOKBOOK now. Now, scroll up and click “Buy”, I guarantee you, your life will change!

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