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Bring Him to Me: The Frank Majewski Story

By Sally Ann Zito

By the time Frank Majewski (pronounced Ma-jes-kee) is twelve years old he has all the makings of a juvenile delinquent. Arrested multiple times, he spends much of his junior high school years behind bars. Then, in 1969, eighteen-year-old Frank is introduced to Jesus Christ and begins a new life. He shares his faith with everyone he meets: drug addicts, bikers, hippies. Soon Frank is preaching to crowds of young people and becomes one of Detroit’s most powerful evangelists. Books written on revivals often give the 1970s Jesus Movement a historical “nod.” Bring Him to Me goes a step further by transporting readers back in time through a fast-paced, true story of redemption. Following Frank on his journey to renewal, readers will: – Witness the gospel’s ability to reach across age, gender, and cultural barriers – Experience renewed hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives – Recognize that in God’s eyes there’s no such thing as a “lost cause”

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