Livro Book

Biographic Sketches of Kobe Bryant (Chinese Edition)

By Feng Yiming

This book is a special souvenir edition on Kobe Bryants retirement, and a complete biography recording Kobes career. The detailed image-text explanation and narration in the book take the readers into the course of Kobes life, from a paranoid basketball boy, to a “”little flying man”” who became famous when young, then to the OK era of three successive championships, and finally to the perfect farewell with 60 points… After experiencing ups and downs, times of purgatory, as well as disease and pain, Kobe grew into a swift and fierce “”black manba””, becoming the champion of the world! After twenty years in the basketball court, he won 16 championships, carrying the world before him like a roaring dragon and tiger. In the final game in his career, Kobe drew a perfect conclusion with amazing 60 points. Looking back at his magnificent career, we will find that this man is so different.

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