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They Call Me Momma Katherine: How One Womans Brokenness Became Hope for Ugandas Children

By Katherine Hines

Do you ever sell yourself short? That’s what Katherine Hines did before she realized she was selling God short. After years of tragedies, Katherine learned that God could do more in her life than she ever imagined if she trusted Him and believed. She discovered that He wants to change lives through us and bless us in the process. Whoever we are, wherever we came from, God can use us to make a difference in someone’s life. Katherine’s story begins with tragedies, but God touched her heart at a crusade and led her to Uganda as a missionary to the children. Leaving her prestigious job and home, she went to a land of mud huts and polluted water. In the midst of sickness and poverty, she loved and cared for the orphans of the war-torn country, as she faced witch doctors and Muslim agitators. Katherine shares her life story to help us know that we can all make a difference – if only we let God . . . Endorsement When William Carey opened the modern missionary movement in 1793, he said to his supporters, “I will go down into the well; you hold on to the ropes for me.” In 1994, Katherine Hines left a successful career in America and descended into the well of poverty and deprivation in rural Uganda. She embraced the children, worked to heal their broken hearts and fill their lives with both daily bread and everlasting bread. This book will lower you down “into the well” where you can see the needs, hear the voices, and feel the heartbeats of these innocent ones. Youll see how one population of children have been transformed into beautiful and productive young adults, who are a credit to their nation and a testament to the power of Christ. Pastor Jim Walters Bear Valley Church Lakewood, Colorado

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