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The Land in Our Hands BurleyDemeritt Farm in Lee, Nh: Its History

By Martha Butterfield

The story of the BurleyDemeritt Farm in Lee, Nh spans over 250 years and is told in six sections with over 260 photos and illustrations. The farm was owned by seven generations of the Burley, Furber and Demeritt families before it was purchased by the University of New Hampshire in 1969 and is now operated by Unh as an organic dairy farm. Part I covers its history, dating back to the early 1700s. Parts Ii and Iii feature 86 short stories about Della Demeritts memories of growing up on the Farm in the early 20th century and her childrens remembrances of living there in the 1940s. Part Iv covers Unhs continuing involvement with the Farms operation and ongoing efforts by the surrounding community to restore the deteriorating farmhouse. Part V provides a brief section on the genealogy of the three families connected with the Farms history. Part Vi describes the history of the BurleyDemeritt Farmhouse, including a layout of its rooms with numerous photos of its interior as it existed in 2010.

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