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Personal Encounters with Cancer: Lung, Bladder, Metastases, Prostate, Tongue, Breast

By Margaret Barnhart

This book will benefit any cancer patient even though they are living with a different diagnosis and treatment. Others will find the book helpful whether they are family, friends, health care workers, pastors or social workers. “Personal Encounters” is the story of six people with different cancer diagnoses. I was led to author this book because of my long time friend, Miriam. By email she told her many acquaintances that her tongue contained cancer cells. This is a compelling story of treatment and courage as she faced each day. Her two adult children, living far away, took time to be with her at critical points, and also managed the needs of their father who was living with Alzheimers Disease. A cancer diagnosis and treatment is not the end of the road for most patients. Yes, people die of cancer; however, having cancer does not mean you will die of cancer. Many survivors and thrivers know this is true.

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