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30-Day Flat Belly Guide: Diet and Exercise Secrets For Burning Belly Fat Fast – No Fluff, Just Facts!

By FlatBelly Queens

Finally A Complete Guide on How to Develop Awesome Abs and Get Rid of Belly Fat in Just 30 Days! Dear Friend, Have you ever found yourself admiring gorgeous commercial models with sexy abs on television and wondering how they got that hot body? Love handles, jelly rolls, spare tires, and pot bellies are just some of the common terms associated with belly fat. It may sound cute but having a lot of fat around your belly poses more of a health risk than being obese. A study by the European Society of Cardiology Congress shows that cardiovascular deaths are higher for people who have big tummies than for those with normal body weight. Fat developed around the belly region can be linked to the following: Metabolic DisordersType 2 DiabetesCardiovascular DiseasesHigh CholesterolLow HDLHigh LDLResistance to Insulin This book aims to provide you with the right exercises and diet that will help you get rid of your belly fat before it causes serious illness. Getting a flat belly may seem like hard work for most people so we have simplified the process of developing strong stomach muscles in this book. Benefits are immediate for those who start NOW. Not only will you look sexier, your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will go down. So, grab your copy today and take action! Youll be surprised by how sculpted and toned your tummy looks in just 30 days! Here is A Preview of What This Book Contains… 12 Easy Exercises For Awesome AbsBelly-Fat Busting RecipesBelly-Fat Building Foods to AvoidPlus other health & fitness tips from FlatBelly Queens

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