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The Little Engine who Could Not…: A devotional for Co-dependants

By Alana K. Haase

If you are browsing this book, you are looking for something. Perhaps you are seeking instruction on how to make someone you love, who suffers from an addiction behave. Maybe you are not sure the label Co-dependent applies to you and you are just curious. Or you may be at the end of your rope, tired of being tired, constantly anxious and wondering what has happened to your life. I was there too. Just as there is no magic pill to cure addictions, there is no magic pill to cure co-dependency or lessen the crippling effects of living with an addicted person. The cure is the pain. When it becomes unbearable and you hit your personal rock bottom then you can break the habits of covering up, keeping secrets and toughing it out alone. You will reach out for help and you will find it. If your life is moving along nicely or a whirlwind you are barely surviving you can take five to ten minutes a day to read a page and a verse and think on the questions. You can give yourself this time. You need it and deserve it. This book is for you.

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