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PT x PT: Confidence to Conquer All Fitness Goals

By Patrick Thompson

My Purpose I Have Written This Book For You I want to give anyone the opportunity to train with me. However, that is not always possible. As a personal trainer, my vision is to help anyone reach his or her fitness goals. As I see people develop and grow from what I have created, I want to help people reach his or her fitness goals from any place in the world. This book, Rise to Confidence, it is my life. I have written this book from the heart and this is what I have been blessed to do on this earth. I have been taught great values from my parents since I can remember. I know not everyone has been as fortunate as I have. I understand that. Of course, I have had setbacks and mistakes in my life that have made me who I am today. The losses in my lifetime are all a part of my purpose. I firmly believe that. Whether that is to change one persons view on life and fitness, or one thousand. You will hear my story as if you were right there with me. This book is not a BS sales pitch you see on other training sites and television. I wont promise that you will lose forty pounds of fat or gain twenty pounds of muscle. That is up to you to decide. I have laid everything out for you in terms of programming. I have completed all of these programs myself. Below you can see my accomplishments while making this exact nutrition and programming in this book a part of my life. If you want to see the results, you must be disciplined and take no short cuts or allow yourself for setbacks. As I sit here in my home with my dog Pumpkin sitting on my lap, (see her below), I do this not just to help you, but to help support the ones I love. In this world, we see hate, distress, and disaster. I can help you, help your body and mind be prepared for what you can control when life may throw that blindside punch at you. Today, I ask, will you Rise? Will you Rise to Confidence and take that next step in your life. Will you finally say, “I have had enough, I am going to do this.”. If so, lets do this together and I will help you along the way. Real Motivation Gym Guidelines Definitions of Key Exercise Terms Nutritional Education Meal Plans 12+ Months of Training Programs

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