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Weight Off Your Mind: How to Change Your Mind About Your Body

By Dr Katie Richard

A scientific, evidence-based approach to end binge eating, improve body image, and facilitate weight management using hypnosis and other mind power methods Weight Off Your Mind is for you if: • Youve failed with diets or havent been able to stick to other slimming programs. • Youre frustrated, upset, or even depressed about your body shape. • You would like to lose weight (whether its 5kg or 50kgs) and keep it off. • You want your slimming journey to be easier. Whether one, two, or all of the above is what youre after, imagine achieving your slimming goal with the step-by-step guidelines in Weight Off Your Mind! Research has found that 80% of people who diet fail in their attempts to lose weight and/or maintain weight. Weight Off Your Mind will provide you with the secrets of how the other 20% do it. Other diet and/or exercise books make empty promises. Weight Off Your Mind is different because: • It is written by a clinical psychologist/hypnotherapist who has conquered her own battle with binge eating and weight problems. • Dr Katie Richard has used her 15 years+ clinical experience, plus hundreds of case studies and research studies (including her own research with her breakthrough method). • The book is written with subliminal messages so that your brain is rewiring to think slim as youre reading it. • Weight Off Your Mind provides you with the 3 key steps to unleash the power of hypnosis to reprogram your mind to help you overcome barriers that have—so far—prevented you from succeeding. Dr Katie Richard graduated from the Academy of Hypnotherapy in the UK in 1991 and received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego, USA in 2001. She has presented her breakthrough treatment for Binge Eating Disorder at conferences, and with her 15 years+ clinical experience, having specialised in the treatment of drug and food addiction, she has forwarded her expertise in Weight Off Your Mind with sound scientific support.

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