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Let Your Shit Go: A Book of Intricate and Detailed Swear Words (Adult Coloring Swear Word Series)

By Swear Word Coloring Geeks

Not Another Shitty Adult Coloring Book? This curse word adult coloring book is filled with filthy words and phrases — but with a twist. These illustrations are some of the most intricate and detailed drawings that you will find. Stop holding in your crap and LET YOUR SHIT GO! This book includes: – 40 very detailed illustrations that will keep you busy till you let your shit go – Filthy swear words that will make your grandmother weep Curse Words Included: – Dickweed – Shitfaced – Slutface – Bastard – Hoebag – Shitbrains – Fuckin Jerkoff – Donkey Humper – Fuckboy – And many more!

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