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Freed From OCD

By George M Shank

Freed from OCD is an impressive account and exhaustive study of living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for ten years. Dr. George Shank gives clarity to its destructiveness of life with family, friends, and colleagues. The story follows his OCD from its inception, to his becoming housebound, to its demise and the freedom that followed. His wife, Joyce, then gives an account of living and suffering with him, conveying the bond that kept them together amid the traumatic years. Most importantly, the books theme prepares the reader for the miracle of healing. Having received this healing, Dr. Shank provides valuable insight and hope for those who suffer from OCD and the people who love them. One person out of fifty is affected by OCD. Half of all OCD cases are severe, and pharmaceutical fail rates reach 90 percent. But Dr. Shank’s story proves that the odds can be beaten. The author gives a voice of self-help to those who live with OCD and the family and friends who want to help them.