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A Bee In Her Bonnet (The Honeybee Sisters)

By Jennifer Beckstrand

Their bees produce the most delectable honey in all of Wisconsin. And the three Christner girls are fondly known as The Honeybee Sisters throughout their peaceful Amish community–where their spirited sweetness is attracting any number of hopeful suitors. . . Lively, determined, and independent, Poppy Christner isnt about to let some vandal keep making mischief on her familys farm. Shes been outrunning boys and standing up for picked-on children ever since she was a girl–no matter how much her prideful, arrogant schoolmate Luke Bontrager insulted her. So Poppy certainly doesnt need his interference now, especially since hes made it plain he prefers demure, ladylike companions. In fact, if Luke doesnt stop helping her find the culprit–and growing humble and remorseful–shell be forced to notice how handsome his change-of-heart is making him. And that could mean falling in love–maybe for a lifetime… Praise for Jennifer Beckstrand and her Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series”Full of kind, sincere characters struggling with the best ways to stay true to themselves and their beliefs.” –Publishers Weekly”A delightful voice in Amish romance. Sweet and funny.” –Emma Miller

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